BARQUE was conceived to reinvigorate the menswear genre, offering an original, modern interpretation of


the classics.  The collection is designed for people who grown tired of predictable American menswear


stores and are looking to update their conventional wardrobe to something that is new and fresh, but firmly


grounded in the traditions they grew up with.  



After eight years working as a menswear designer in New York and Taipei and one year studying MBA in


International Luxury Brand Management in Paris, Creative Director, Gilbert Chen, also a Parsons


graduate, designs the collection to meet the demand of a global lifestyle.  Influenced and inspired by


fashion around the world, especially in the cities Chen has lived - New York, Paris and Taipei, the collection


embraces the two main concepts -  "causal dress-up attitude" and "global fusion styling".  



The name BARQUE grew from the word "BARK", the outer covering of a tree.  The name was chosen


because Chen sees clothing as the BARK of HUMANITY - it serves to cover and protect us in a simplistic


and natural way.  Substituting QUE for K is meant to represent the modern and global spirit the brand