BARQUE was conceived to reinvigorate the menswear genre, offering an original, "modern interpretation of classics".  The collection was designed for people who have grown tired of predictable American classic menswear and are looking to update their conventional wardrobe to something that is new and fresh.  BARQUE offers trend-conscious and global lifestyle without having to spend a fortune or stray too far from the customer's comfort zone.

The inspiration behind the name BARQUE comes from the word BARK, the outer surface of the tree. The name was chosen because the founder, Gilbert Chen, sees clothing as the BARK of humanity. Substituting K with QUE is meant to represent the global spirit that the brand embodies.  After the brand was founded, he has also realized that BARQUE was the French word meaning "Boat". Coincidentally, brand somehow has evolved over the years to have a nautical sensibility as well.




After graduating from Parsons School of Design with a BFA in Fashion Design, Chen has worked for numerous menswear brands in New York and Taiwan, such as Arrow sportswear, Cole Haan Outerwear, Joseph Abboud Outerwear, Arnold Palmer Taiwan and Members Only USA.  In 2010, he spent one year at ESSEC Business School in France to study for his MBA in International Luxury Brand Management in order to gain his knowledge in branding, marketing and business in general.  In the same year, he also launched BARQUE as he saw the potential of the market for modern classic menswear.  The international experience and the influence by the fashion he sees around the world inspired Chen to create a brand that embraces the global lifestyle and consolidates the trends from different parts of the world.